The USA: An Illiberal Democracy Turning Into a Technocratic Authoritarian-Communist State

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In the current political climate in the United States, the Democratic Party is wielding more power than the Republicans did during the Bush years. Events since 2021 began have been troublesome to say the least.

Americans would like to think we have an actual democracy and that the Government is for the people and by the people. Increasingly with events starting early last year and continuing up to present day that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The beginning of 2021 brought a massive protest taking place in the Nation’s Capital that was overwhelmingly peaceful considering the thousands upon thousands of citizens that attended.

There were, however, some that broke the law, and took things way too far. So far that people were hurt, citizens lost their lives and our Capitol building was breached.

This was and will always be completely unacceptable behavior and those responsible should face the full consequences of the law.

There is some misinformation in regards to all who were truly responsible for the breach of our Capitol building. I will go into that on another post.

According to Wikipedia, in a regularly cited 1997 article in the journal Foreign Affairs, Fareed Zakaria coined the term, Illiberal Democracy. The meaning of which you can also find on Wikipedia:

“An illiberal democracy (or Electorial Authoritarianism) is a governing system in which although elections take place, citizens are cut off from knowledge about the activities of those who exercise real power because of the lack of civil liberties; thus it is not an “open society”.

There are many countries “that are categorized as neither ‘free’ nor ‘not free’, but as ‘probably free’, falling somewhere between democratic and nondemocratic regimes”.

This may be because a constitution limiting government powers exists, but those in power ignore its liberties, or because an adequate legal constitutional framework of liberties does not exist.”

Most of us have always felt that we are in the land of the free and that it is a given that our freedoms will always endure. Lately, that is not the case. The United States has now openly become what Fareed referred to as an Illiberal Democracy.

Many laws including election laws, our liberties and the Constitution, are being ignored and many leaders seem not to care. They are caught breaking the same rules and laws they expect all citizens to abide by and in doing so are damaging the foundation of our great Republic.

Much of the general public has had the fear of a virus used against them, and they do not truly see or fully understand what is happening to their freedoms.

It’s not just government officials breaking laws and getting away with it, corporate America, and specifically “Big Tech” are breaking laws as I write this post. We are in the midst of an ongoing virus pandemic and a censorship pandemic of which our country has never witnessed.

2021 is the beginning of a purge by Big Tech. A purge of differing views and opinions, ideas, and voices that they, and the party in power oppose.

The free democratic society we always thought we would have is now in serious jeopardy. Unlawful lockdowns, health mandates, and massive censorship from the Media, Big Tech, health agencies, and government agencies are taking a toll.

The open discussion and debate which is necessary for democracy has been silenced by an Illiberal and communistic narrative that permeates the fabric of our once strong open democratic society.

If the current social and political climate continues, rule of law ignored, and opposition or differing opinions remain silenced, we are headed toward an Authoritarian state. A state where the constitution and rule of law does not matter, only the narrative of the ruling party matters.

If you do not agree with the ruling party, you will be silenced or simply not heard. That may seem just fine to those citizens on the side of the ruling party, but it is oppressive to others and it destroys democracy.

Many of our current leaders want to reset our social contracts, lifestyles, economies and our world. Many believe communistic values and ideas are the way of the future.

Our old American Way or normal, needs to be reset to a “new normal” that they have decided and planned without our input. They call their future plan for us “The Great Reset.”

They are openly calling for this Reset and claim the virus pandemic is the opportunity to make it happen.

We all want to feel like our voices are heard, our opinions matter, and our thoughts and ideas on the future of our society matter. Many Americans do not trust our election systems.

State Governors are unilaterally deciding what people can and can’t do, and the political party in power is using their power along with the media and Big tech to shape “our” future the way they want.

All this without any debate and input from the rest of us. That does not sound like a free democratic country to me.

It’s not so hard to understand why so many have protested in the last year. It’s not hard to understand why so many Americans are upset and fed up. Many have no voice and no real representation now.

The Great Reset is underway, and the narratives to make it happen are the only voices heard by the majority of Americans. Those Americans on the side of the party in power, are drowning in a one sided view of our current reality thanks to collusion with Corporate Media and Big Tech.

Those on the oppressed side are drowning in an increasing bleak and oppressed reality. The middle or common ground is gone. Debate and discussion are gone.

Without the middle ground and compromise, democracy is gone and the ruling party will be the only voice you hear.

You better hope or pray that you agree with what that voice has to say. What if you do not agree?