Claudia Stauber: Vermont Snow Test Results Show High Aluminum

I found the below video on Agents Of Truth Telegram Channel:

Claudia Stauber sharing the lab test results of the strange snow in Vermont area. Extremely high amount of aluminum was found especially, also Barium, Strontium and Sulphur. This deadly concoction is being dumped on us daily from planes and is called CHEMTRAILS. 

Not only are these heavy metals and chemicals killing us all but also nature. Trees are dying from the roots and it’s affecting farming in a negative way. We are eating fruits and vegetables full of these chemicals as well as our air getting sprayed with it. These are crimes against humanity, wildlife and nature. 

This is happening on a global scale and not many are noticing or working on stopping it. Please wake up and do whatever you can to stop this madness before it’s too late for us all. What they call geo engineering is actually population control and none of us gave them permission to do this.