Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS)

Not science fiction, science fact. These are the weapons of the past, present and future. Oh, and 5g is a similar technology that is possible to be nefariously used as a weapon. This is not far off future tech, this is right now tech. Silent weapons that can be, has been and will be used to attack individuals, populations, armies, and Nation States. You will never see it coming. Scary stuff…

Lockheed Martin: New Age Threats Require New Age Defenses

Forbes: ‘Heat Ray’ And ‘The Voice Of God’–heat-ray-and-the-voice-of-god-against-demonstrators/?sh=39391cee7add

Some people claim these weapons were used to start wildfires in California in recent years. I have to admit, it is very strange looking at many of the photos out there on the Internet that show the aftermath of these fires.

DEW tech can even target individuals. Many even claim to be victims of such targeted attacks. VOICE TO SKULL (V2K)
5G frequency: 60 GHZ is a weapon (4:40 into video)

Wake Yes, DEW and Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People

Department of Defense: DoD Non-Lethal Weapons Program Directed Energy Capabilities

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