Emotions, Perceptions and Our Subconscious

Most people do not realize that authority, the media and everything we consume shape our perceptions. The repeated use of fear and emotional imagery to change our perceptions, allow the various narratives to imprint and write to our subconscious minds. Ultimately this can be used to control our behavior.

I grew up during the nineteen eighties and in school I was never taught that I should guard and control my thoughts. I was never taught that negative thoughts can adversely affect your health and lead to a more unsuccessful life. I remember being taught to have a can-do attitude, but that was the extent of it. I would wager that few were taught in schools the concepts of how our minds work and how to make our lives better using the power within.

Our conscious mind is able to go through each day without having to worry about making sure our heart is beating or our digestive system is working. Unless injured, the average person does not have to put any conscious thought into walking or riding a bike. Our subconscious controls all our body processes and once our conscious mind learns something new, if repeated enough the new learned task will be written to our subconscious becoming habit or second nature.

This process works great when it comes to things like learning to drive, riding a bike, or playing a musical instrument. But the process that writes new skills and habits to our subconscious can also write bad habits such as tobacco use. This process can also imprint our own negative self-talk until the negative thoughts of self becomes habitual. This leads to unhappiness, unhealthy behaviors and has a negative impact on personal relationships and overall health and well-being. The negative talk of others can also affect us if we let it.

I first learned more about the real power of our subconscious from people like David Icke and Dr. Joe Dispenza. At first, I thought this was some new age revelation regarding the human mind and behavior until I stumbled on an audio version of a book that was written over one hundred years ago in 1916 titled, “The Master Key System” written by Charles F. Haanel.

I also found another great audio version of a book that was written in 1963 by Joseph Murray titled, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” After listening to these audio books, I realized that this information was not promoted learning for a reason. I believe the reason was and still is to keep us more controllable. Propaganda only continually works on those who do not guard and control their own perception. The use of propaganda by governments is a powerful tool to control the people. If all people were taught how their conscious and subconscious minds can be easily influenced, people would be able to guard against the propaganda and not fall prey to those who wish to control their behavior.

The authors of the above books along with Daivd Icke go into great detail and explain the process brilliantly. I recommend taking the time to listen and watch the below videos. Watch and listen with an open mind.