Magnetically triggered release of drugs and gene editing nano particles

The future is now! The technology is here to use nano particles to release drugs into cells and even release gene editing particles into cells that can be triggered with exposure to specific EMF frequencies and frequency oscillations and other means.

I started looking into the claims that Moderna refers to their Covid vaccine as an “Operating System”. It turns out they in fact do, even though Reuters misleadingly fact checked that as false. From there I looked up info on one of the founders of Moderna, Robert Langer, Sc.D. Robert Langer is not only a founder of Moderna, but among other things he is a professor at MIT’s David H. Koch Institute. As a professor there he has studied: (Full bio page on MIT)

  • Developing controlled release systems that can be magnetically, ultrasonically, or enzymatically triggered to increase release rates.
  • Creating new approaches for delivering drugs across complex barriers in the body such as the blood-brain barrier and the skin.

2017 Ted Talk featuring Tal Zaks, Moderna – Chief Medical Officer:

Tal Zaks – Moderna Chief Medical Officer

There are some connections here I want to make. Starting with Crispr technology. Read below on Crispr:

CRISPR: A game-changing genetic engineering technique
Have you heard? A revolution has seized the scientific community. Within only a few years, research labs worldwide have adopted a new technology that facilitates making specific changes in the DNA of humans, other animals, and plants. Compared to previous techniques for modifying DNA, this new approach is much faster and easier. This technology is referred to as “CRISPR,” and it has changed not only the way basic research is conducted, but also the way we can now think about treating diseases.
Read More from Harvard.Edu

Next a study on gene editing from John Hopkins using Crispr Tech:

Hopkins team invents non-viral system for getting gene therapy into cells
The Hopkins researchers were able to confirm that CRISPR went to work once inside the cells, disabling a gene 77% of the time.

Read more:

Now a study on using EMF (electromagnetic fields) to trigger the release of nano particles:

Magnetically triggered drug release from nanoparticles and its applications in anti-tumor treatment
When manipulated by an external magnetic field, drugs combined with magnetic nanoparticles can be delivered to targeted sites
Read more:

There are many more articles and studies out there on this type of technology. The fact is they are using this tech now. Moderna is connected to this tech. It makes me wonder what exactly is in their vaccine, I mean… “Operating System”.

So what does all this mean? This means the tech is out there to put nano particles into your body and whatever is in the particles can be released via electromagnetic frequencies(EMF). These particles can be used to alter genetic codes and DNA.

This may sound awesome for treating disease if all who use this new tech were truly good at heart. The problem is, not all people are good and money rules. The nefarious applications of this technology are absolutely frightening.

Imagine your neighborhood or city gets dusted from a plane high above and little do you know but the plane is carrying nano particles that have gene editing capabilities. You breath in these particles where they lay dormant until the nefarious perpetrator who released said particles turns on the magic EMF frequency. At that point the nano tech does its intended job releasing the cellular payload.

Or imagine that individuals and organizations are insistent on giving you a vaccine that had the same tech in it. Would you take it?

From a hypothetical population experimental point of view there could be many experiments performed. Nano tech such as this could be given to an unsuspecting populace in different ways, with different drugs and gene editing instructions given to differing populations. (There is no reason to believe they are not testing this on us now as we know governments and military have done such tests before.)

Sofia Smallstorm has a theory on Magellan’s disease that could be caused by a mass experimentation on populations. See below video:

The bad guys could then direct the corresponding EMF frequencies to release the cellular krackens they choose. They could modify specific genes for say an undesirable population and those undesirables would be none the wiser. This type of gene editing capabilities is a Eugenicists wet dream and Bill Gates is one of the psychopathic eugenicists. Maybe it’s part of the reason for this:

Why is Bill Gates funding Chinese DNA-harvesting tech that powers Covid tests?

Being able to electromagnetically trigger nano particles shows that EMF even in relatively low amounts can effect cells and small particles. If we set aside the EMF trigger, the thought that there is existing technology that can edit specific targeted genes of human beings in the form of nano particles is insane given that technology is never just used for the betterment of the world. Add the fact that Bill Gates and China are harvesting DNA, the nefarious uses for this tech has no bounds.