The Glaser Archives

Dr Zory Glaser. A name most people have never heard of. You can find very little about him on the Internet. In fact web searches do not yield much at all. If you do not know what electromagnetic radiation or EMR/EMF is, then the archives from Dr Glaser will be overwhelming to say the least.

Before diving into the archives I recommend learning at least the basics of EMR/EMF and it’s potential positives and negatives. If you already have an understanding of the subject, then read on…

Dr Glaser doesn’t even have a wikipedia page which is weird as he seems to have been an important person in regards to studies on RF/Microwave radiation. You can find a small amount of information about him on his website.

From the short about page on his website, the following is stated:

“Dr. Glaser compiled his first radio frequency (RF)/microwave bioeffects bibliography in 1971  (PDF, 12.7MB), as a result of his Ph.D. His studies, into non-ionizing radiation exposure from RF/microwave sources–and potential adverse effects on military personnel–led to the development of the RF bioeffects laboratory at the Naval Medical Research Center.”

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EMF Archive articles, papers and studies from Dr. Zory Glaser. Thousands of them…

Lots of Rabbit holes here. There is an incredible amount of information in these archives. Definitely worth while if you want to look more into Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and its effects.

For more info on EMR/EMF check out Dr Magda Havas’ website:

Dr Magda Havas is the person responsible for getting Dr Glaser’s archives on the Internet. Much appreciation to them both for sharing all this information with the world.