The New Communist Mantra: Build Back Better

Leaders of the world are following a very misleading and devious script; Build Back Better. 

The script differs slightly depending on the Country or State, but the base script is obvious. Those leaders and organizations that are repeating this script have been compromised and communised. They are either bribed, threatened, are co-creators, or just blindly believing and following this scheme to change the world as we used to know it.

See the script in action:

On the surface BBB sounds like it has the best of intentions. But the truth is, this is our future being planned by a tiny fraction of the human population without any debate or input from the rest of us. Though their plans may sound good for people, there are sinister motives behind them and these plans are not what’s best for humanity.

A video from The World Economic Forum with “their” predictions/plans for the future:

We would not need to “Build Back” anything had governments around the world not destroyed economies by instituting unlawful and destructive lockdowns. In essence, those in power are breaking the system intentionally so they can build it back the way “they” want. The evidence is out there, lockdowns do not work. They are using the tactic: Create a problem, offer the solution.


All the conspiracy theory folks must feel completely vindicated. All that New World Order talk turns out to be absolutely true. Governments, organizations, businesses and individuals are conspiring to change our world.

This is for real, and completely surreal. The average person does not want to believe that the leaders we trusted and elected would conspire in such an evil way. Well, believe it. This is happening. These traitors and conspirators may actually succeed unless a critical mass of people wake up and refuse to comply.

Nefarious players in the world are trying to change our lives the way they choose, laws are being broken and there is no visible concerted effort by politicians to counter this scheme. Governments are compromised and broken.

It seems that we cannot count on all politicians and people to do the right thing. We cannot trust those who are in power and who make policy or organizations and businesses to do what is right for us. We can only trust ourselves and others that truly follow the law, support free societies and freedom of health.

the control plan NAME

They can call it what they want, A New World Order, Agenda21, Agenda 2030, Build Back Better, The Great Reset, or The Fourth Industrial Revolution. It doesn’t matter what name they choose, it is all a control scheme by an ultra rich group of psychopaths.

This repeating mantra is happening everywhere. Their plan is the takeover of the world. Complete control of societies by a world government. The solution is to not comply.

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World Economic Forum,much%20of%20the%20global%20economy%20to%20a%20halt.


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