Worldwide Full Spectrum Real-Time ELF and EMF Monitoring System Needed

All man made electromagnetic and radio frequencies are potentially harmful to all life on Earth. The effects of varying frequencies have been studied in the past and are still being studied today. There is a ton of information on the Internet if you want to learn more about the effects of electromagnetic and radio frequencies. 

All life, all matter, everything in the known universe has a frequency. The human body even has varying frequencies within depending on the type of organ and cell. Until humans created the first artificial frequency, all frequencies throughout history were naturally occurring. 

Disease, Illness and Behavior

There is evidence that manmade ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) and EMF can cause illness, disease and behavioral changes (positive and negative) at much lower levels than recommended exposures. The electricity that powers our homes, the appliances and devices we use, smart meters, the wireless technologies (WiFi, 4g, 5g, Bluetooth), radar, sonar, etc. All man made sources of electromagnetic, and radio frequencies are harmful or potentially harmful, though some frequencies can be beneficial. Some people are more affected than others.

Any frequencies that are powerful enough to disrupt or affect our bodies are potentially harmful. There are a wide range of frequencies that we are exposed to everyday that can and do effect us in varying ways.

WiFi Health Effects:

EMF Weapons – Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS)

Weapons classified under the general heading of directed-energy weapons (DEW) include high-energy lasers, electromagnetic railguns, and radio frequency weapons (high-power microwaves or ultra-wideband weapons). Over the past decade, the technical maturity of these weapons has accelerated, and what was once “promise” is now emerging as “probable.”

CAPT George Galdorosi (ret.) , Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office

An industrial Radio Frequency (RF) meter reveals that the majority of DEW frequency is between 6 GHZ and 50 GHZ. This is hidden to most ordinary people because EMF meters available to the public typically max out at 6 GHZ so they lack visibility into the bulk of DEW frequency readings.


Released Government document showing EMF weapon capabilities when used against people:


5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

EMF used to target diplomats

There are nefarious and military uses of manmade ELF/EMF. Frequencies can be and are being used as weapons of war, weather modification/control, mind control and other adverse effects. To many people this may sound like fantasy from a conspiracy theorist, but sadly this is not the case. My concern, is that there seems to be no organization, authority,  nationwide or worldwide system in place to monitor “all” frequencies in real-time. I suspect governments and militaries are monitoring these frequencies, but I doubt they are going to give the rest of us access.

We monitor the weather, earth quakes, the sun, and many other natural and manmade systems and phenomena . With the rollout of 5g we are even more immersed in a world full of EMF bombarding us from everywhere. There are practical things we can do to protect ourselves, but those things only involve what we as individuals or communities have control over. 

Minimize Use, Testing and Monitoring

We can ditch the WiFi or turn the signal down, limit our cell phone use, and replace old appliances with more efficient models, or go extreme and go off-grid. But even if we do things within our power to mitigate the effects of manmade ELF/EMF, we can’t control the signals that are beamed to us from satellites. We can’t mitigate the frequencies from government and military facilities. The average person can and should buy an inexpensive EMF tester to check their surroundings. The testers are basic and can help mitigate potential adverse health effects from the tech we use daily.

There is a problem with the inexpensive testers. The testing and monitoring equipment available to the average consumer that is affordable, will not detect all of the frequency spectrum that is potentially harmful. Also, most of the affordable testers do not tell you which frequencies it is detecting. Though these limited testers are still beneficial to use, there are other options that have the ability to detect and display a wider range of frequencies.  These higher end options are incredibly expensive and out of reach for most everyone. 

EMF Watchdog Needed

There needs to be a system set up that monitors all of these frequencies in real-time, and retains the records in a database that is searchable to all people. We need an EMF watchdog. If a Nationwide or Worldwide full spectrum real-time ELF/EMF monitoring system is not created, we will never know what frequencies are being directed at us and if those frequencies are harmful. It may not be possible to monitor all, especially frequencies being used in a targeted manner, but we need a system that attempts to monitor as much as possible.

There are frequencies that can effect human behavior and I have been unable to find a testing device that is affordable to measure these frequency ranges.

Below is some of the only monitoring websites I could find along with other related links. The testers/meters below do not monitor the full spectrum in real-time and are limited in scope, but are still very useful.

ANCOM: Romanian EMF Monitoring

EPA Radnet


EMF Testers/Meters
The Meter I use:

Continuous EMF monitor

Narda NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter, 100 kHz – 60 GHz

The SEMONT continuous monitoring of daily EMF exposure in an open area environment

Real-Time Collection of Electromagnetic Field Measurements using a Metropolitan Wireless Mesh Network

More Info:

ELF and EMF Frequencies (HZ, MHZ, GHZ)

Human Brains Operate at Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)

Frequency rangeNameUsually associated with:
> 40 HzGamma wavesHigher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, and consciousness
13–39 HzBeta wavesActive, busy thinking, active processing , active concentration, arousal, and cognition
7–13 HzAlpha wavesCalm relaxed yet alert state
4–7 HzTheta wavesDeep meditation /relaxation, REM sleep
< 4 HzDelta wavesDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awarenes

Frequencies of Wireless Technologies

Cellular Technology in USFrequency bands in USCellular carriers (Providers) in US
1GSM850 MHz, 1900 MHzAT&T( Closure), T-Mobile
2CDMA (2G, 3G)800 MHz, 1900 MHzVerizon, Sprint, US Cellular
3WCDMA (3G)850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHzAT&T (850), T Mobile
44G LTE600 MHz (B71)T-Mobile
700 MHz (B17, B12, B13)AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular (B12), Verizon (B13)
850 MHz (B26, B5)Sprint, US Cellular (B5)
1.7/ 2.1 GHz AWS (B4)AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile
1.9 GHz (B2, B25)AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint (B25)
2.3 GHz (B30)AT&T
2.5 GHz ( B41)AT&T, Sprin

WiFi Frequencies

2400 MHZ2500 MHZOften referred to as the 2.4 GHz band, this spectrum is the most widely used of the bands available for Wi-Fi. Used by 802.11b, g, & n. It can carry a maximum of three non-overlapping channels. This band is widely used by many other non-licensed items including microwave ovens, Bluetooth, etc.
5275 MHZ5875 MHZThis 5 GHz Wi-Fi band or to be more precise the 5.8 GHz band provides additional bandwidth, and being at a higher frequency, equipment costs are slightly higher, although usage, and hence interference is less.It can be used by 802.11a & n. It can carry up to 23 non-overlapping channels, but gives a shorter range than 2.4 GHz. 5GHz Wi-Fi is preferred by many because of the number of channels and the bandwidth available. There are also fewer other users of this band.