You are not Alone, We are the Majority!

No matter where you look, there are forces hard at work rewriting history, creating division, causing mass unrest, distraction, destruction, confusion, conflict, injury and death.

The average person may notice many things, but the true big picture remains unseen or blurry to most of us. Many of those in power use inversion of truth to make us think we are wrong and they are right. With that inversion and a lot of smoke and mirrors they influence us in ways which benefit them.

War Against the People

There is truly a war against us happening now and in The United States, freedoms are under attack each day. There is a relentless approach to what is taking place, and it is only getting worse.

We’ve always thought of horrible things happening in “other” places, but increasingly bad things have been happening in our own cities and towns. Many political and business leaders, news organizations, artists and celebrities we have trusted, respected and looked up to, are simply not who we thought they were. Every day and week we are amazed and sickened by the absolute insanity that permeates our great country.

We are being marginalized, oppressed and made to feel that we are a minority. We are being made to feel like we are the enemy; but that is all part of their playbook. The truth is, people who want the freedoms The United States offers are the majority. If you feel like you are part of a small group of dissenters or “insert whatever they are calling free loving law abiding people these days” you are purposely being mislead. You are not alone. You are still part of the majority.

Wealth, Power and Control

There is an incredibly small portion of the world’s population relative to the billions alive that want to rule over all people. Call them what you want. Tech Giants, Socialists, Communists, Authoritarians, Technocrats, The Global Cabal, The Global Elite, or The Deep State. The absolute truth is, these people want to control all of us and they are the current Global Power Structure.

This Global Power Structure and all who follow and answer to it, have gained unprecedented wealth and immense power. So much so, that while we were living our normal lives trusting them (what many refer to as being asleep), they were taking advantage of our trust. They turned our trust against us, and have taken control of most of the large institutions of the world.

Do you wonder how regular people follow the law, but those in power continue to break it with little or no consequence? Evermore those in power are further pushing the boundaries and outright breaking laws and getting away with it. The checks and balances and rule of law is broken. Since The Global Power Structure controls most institutions, they can get away with almost anything.

Freedom at Stake

This is not a right versus left situation we find ourselves in. This is freedom vs tyranny. Free speech vs censorship, freedom of health vs forced injection, life vs death. We can no longer afford to put our full trust in our political leaders. We have to be proud, courageous citizens of the United States and each of us take a stand in any way we can. When we stand together, we will know we are not alone.